Pet Ornament

Pet Ornament

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So cute for your pet at Christmas!!!!  A hand stamped metal charm with DEAR SANTA, I'VE BEEN A GOOD (BOY/GIRL). It hangs on a handmade hook and is adorned with cute tiny jingle bells complete with a clasp to hang. IF you hang from you pets collar it is HIGHLY recommended that you keep close eye on your pet!!!

It comes with a cute card that says:

Dear Santa Paws,

I've been very good this year! I'm only naughty when no one is home!!  So, since I am so adorable and cute may I please have some treats under the tree?

Oh!!  And I have a special request for the humans to give me more belly rubs!!  Boy oh boy do I love those belly rubs so much!

Now, If the cookies and milk are not there when you sneak in tonight, I'll be hiding under the couch!

Merry Christmas! 

AND!!! You even get this cute handmade adorable bag to place your pet's charm in after the holiday!!!