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When you are “At Your Witts End” you will find the perfect handmade gifts for that special moment. Hello, I am Wendy Witt, your Designer. Welcome to my online gift boutique where my Mission is to create original handmade gifts that will inspire, bring peace, comfort and joy while being gentle on your wallet.  

 Gifts for all occasions, Birthdays, weddings, “pick me ups”, holidays, sympathy, awareness, Anniversaries and so much more.  My creations include jewelry ( necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets), Awareness Bracelets and keychains,  bridal jewelry, wedding party jewelry, shower gifts, baby shower gifts, marbled painted face clocks, little fairies, angels, tiny flower arrangements, custom photo frames, inspirational bottles, bookbands and much more.

Each gift is made with love and designs are carefully thought out with colors and textures and uniqueness. And it doesn’t stop there......your gift is placed in a pretty gift box with a pretty ribbon attached or pretty organza bag. I also welcome custom gift notes to go inside your gift making your gift extra special.

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So many have reached out to me to tell me how much hope, joy and inspiration my gifts have given to others and as touched as I was, I didn’t fully understand until June 2019. That’s when I created a piece for myself, a Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet. It came as a complete shock that I had breast cancer and I ended up having a mastectomy in September 2019. My life has not been easy by any means but, watching what my brother went through, finding and believing in myself, having great faith in Jesus and God, and having the loving support of my beautiful family and friends, I am on a mission to live my life giving to others and sharing love throughout my journey. Being strong doesn’t mean being bitter and angry, it means getting up when things knock you down, giving to others even if you have little, and seeing the positive when everything seems negative. It was at that moment I realized how powerful that Awareness ribbon was and how powerful that stamped charm meant. Every Awareness bracelet I’ve made and every charm I handstamped meant something to me and I always thought about the person who I was creating it for and hope and pray they would be ok......and this time it was me. It wasn’t just a ribbon, wasn’t just a saying on the charm.......it was HOPE, an INSPIRATION, gave me JOY, COMFORT and then I realized that yes, you can actually feel my love through each piece. 

I am very passionate about my designs and as I create more, the more designs form in my mind and my desire to share them with you. My first creation was my Diabetes Bracelet I made to support my little brother with diabetes. My Brothers name is Scott. He unfortunately passed away last year from his diabetes but he is my biggest inspiration. He suffered so much, way more than anyone ever should but his strength was the most amazing gift anyone could have. No matter what he never gave up, even with his last breath. I miss him dearly and know he is now free, happy and with his, our Lord, and his inspirational legacy will live on. My Lil Bro was very supportive of my designs and would drive 5 hours to come see my art shows and loved my pieces I made him. At every show I have a special spot for his picture with my Awareness Jewelry to continue my support for those in need of inspiration and I know he is watching over encouraging and supporting me. My love for him is immeasurable. 

As long as I am able to, I will continue on with my journey to support, encourage, inspire and love others not only with my words but through my designs hoping that all my love that is poured into each piece gently wraps around others hearts and keeps the journey of love flowing. 

Thank you for hearing my story and sharing the love that will last an eternity. ❤️


My continued prayers, hugs and love to those who need it and to those who want to share it. 

Wendy Witt

Custom Gift Designer