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Cozy Dog Beds made from soft cozy yarn!

Cozy Dog Beds made from soft cozy yarn! dog beddog bed

dog bed
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These hand knitted dog beds are so adorable and your furry loved ones will love laying in them all snuggled and curled up!  Avereage size dog would be up to approximately 30lbs, small breed. They are handmade out of big chunky yarn so they are very very soft and very flexible. Below you can see the cute dogs all curled up in their nice cozy beds. 

**IF YOU NEED A LARGER BED please email me so I can create a link and price for you. Because the larger ones take so much yarn I usually don't have many on hand but will be happy to create one for you!!! or more!!!


I will have beds listed as I create them OR you can message me to see what color yarn I have available and I can create a custom bed for you lil one. 


Dog beds are approximatly 14"-16" wide and about 5 - 6" high.  Dogs love places to curl up in so this size has been great for most smaller dogs, (shih tzue, Chihuahua, pug, bichon frise, ect). If you need a larger size please message me so I can adjust the size and price for you. 


Each bed can be washed in the washer on a low setting and dried in the dryer on a fluff setting only you can always stretch out the bed to keep it shape.



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