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At Your Witts End

Joyful Blessings, Bracelet, supportive gifts, gifts for her

Joyful Blessings, Bracelet, supportive gifts, gifts for her B2074B2074

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Always remember just how blessed you are with this gorgeous 'Joyful Blessings' bracelet. FREE SHIPPING!! I created this many years ago when my brother passed at a young age. His wish was to always keep my faith, remember how blessed I was and to spread that faith and love as far as I could. My unique design is to help others feel blessed especially when they are sick, feeling down or just to remind them, we all need that. And what a perfect gift to uplift their spirits and to show them and remind them.

This bracelet will make the perfect gift for Christmas, graduations, Birthdays, illnesses, pick me ups and more!!! I made one many years ago and decided to bring it back. With the beautiful Swarovski pearls, or Czech, (depends upon availability), Swarovski faceted crystals and sterling silver tubes and beads and custom stainless steel cross you will be giving the gift of love!!!

The bracelets are made with a durable stretchy cord for easy on and off just like my other pieces. At the moment I have Swarovski champagne glass pearls and will add other colors when available, (size depends upon availability), encased in 4mm sterling silver shiny beads, and separated by sparkly sterling silver tubes. I also added tiny Swarovski clear crystals on either sides of the tubes. To complete my design I took a tiny stainless steel cross and made a design on each corner of the cross so no 2 will be exactly alike making your bracelet unique.

COLORS AVAILABLE: The drop down list does not allow for custom colors so if you have a question please message me so I can help you. The actual colors are:
white, light blue, powder green, teal, yellow and lavender

Bracelets are stretchy and size is approximately 7 - 7.5" BUT IF ANOTHER SIZE IS NEEDED PLEASE SPECIFY IN ORDER. These are lightweight and easy to put on and take off so they are perfect for those with illnesses or the elderly.

*As more colors become available I will list them here for you.

**(This price is for 1 bracelet. You can choose multiple bracelets with the drop down menu.)

INCLUDED WITH YOUR JOYFUL BLESSINGS BRACELET you will also receive a soft pink suede jewelry pouch to keep your bracelet in when not wearing to protect your special gift. I've also made a little booklet with a photo of the bracelet on the front and a message to your receiver that says:

"You have been blessed by someone who has chosen to give this
beautiful 'Joyful Blessings Bracelet' that will fill your heart with love and
remind you of how blessed and special you are!"

The message and instructions on the back reads:

'You have been given a gift of love! The one who
gave this to you believes in you and now you can
remind yourself just how loved and blessed you
truly are with this 'Joyful Blessings Bracelet'.
Think of something that makes you smile,
warms your heart or something you are
grateful for. Each pearl represents a blessing
and the tubes represent one blessing leading
into another. The components make a complete
circle that never end, neither do your blessings.
The tiny custom cross is a reminder to keep your
faith and never forget just how blessed and loved
you are.
Be good to yourself. Your soul deserves it.
Enjoy your gift of love and be sure to spread
your love and blessings to others.

The bracelet will be inside a cellophane clear bag with care instructions and will all be placed nice and neatly inside a pretty jewelry box with a pretty bow. (See photos)
These have been selling all over and everyone loves them! Feel free to message me and let me know how they liked your gift and feel free to show photos! I'd love to see them!

**I was inspired by my lil brother Scott and this is my way of making his wish come true. Help me to spread his faith and love for one another by giving others the gift of love.

Sterling Silver tubes 2mm x 25mm
Sterling Silver balls 4mm
Swarovski pearls 10 - 12mm (depending upon availability)
Swarovski clear faceted crystals 4mm
tiny stainless steel cross charm 12mm tall (charms are personalized with a design by myself so each charm is unique)
Stretchable durable nylon cord, approx. 7.0 - 7.5 inches to fit most, but IF ANOTHER SIZE IS NEEDED PLEASE SPECIFY IN ORDER.

** Please note, some of the components may vary slightly in size and color due to availability

Stacks well with other bracelets or blessing bracelets
Each bracelet comes with a beautiful pink suede jewelry bag and note card, bearing the message below and will arrive in a nice gift box with bow.

Comfortable, lightweight, sparkly, classy, easy to put on and take off. Suede jewelry bag included when not wearing to keep bracelet protected.
Not recommended to submerge in water.

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