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Green Quartz & Cats Eye Bracelet

Green Quartz & Cats Eye Bracelet B2068B2068

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This Green Quartz and Brown Cat's Eye healing bracelet is not only gorgeous but has spiritual healing properties and is very affordable! Makes the perfect gift for men or women.  


A green quartz bracelet typically consists of a series of smooth, polished beads made from the mineral quartz. The color of the beads is typically a deep shade of green, ranging from earthy olive tones to brighter shades of emerald or teal. The beads are often strung together with a durable elastic cord, allowing the bracelet to stretch to fit a variety of wrist sizes.

Green quartz is often associated with healing and balancing energies, making it a popular choice for those seeking to promote physical and emotional wellness. It is believed to help soothe stress and anxiety, support the immune system, and encourage a sense of calm and relaxation.

The unique beauty of green quartz, combined with its perceived healing properties, make a green quartz bracelet a thoughtful gift or a personal accessory with meaning and significance. Whether worn for its aesthetic appeal or its potential therapeutic benefits, a green quartz bracelet is a versatile and timeless addition to any jewelry collection.


This unique bracelet is also made with cat's eye beads that have a brown color and a chatoyant or iridescent effect resembling the eye of a cat. The beads are often made from chalcedony or quartz and are cut and polished to showcase the unique optical effect.

In terms of symbolism, some people believe that cat's eye stones have protective and grounding properties, helping to ward off negative energy and promote stability and inner peace. Brown is often associated with warmth, comfort, and stability, making a brown cat's eye bracelet a popular choice for those seeking a sense of security and balance in their lives.

To add more dimension and style, tiny dotted silver tone spacers were added in between each stone and all are strung on a durable stretchy cord for easy on and off. 

Bracelet size is approximately 7.5" on sturdy stretchy cord. 



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