HI everyone! I am trying to bring traffic onto my site so if you are on here please share my page with others and get a free gift!!!!

Also!....I am going to start a 

'SHOP LOCAL' page for my famous friends and family to post their small businesses! 

For starters, this is my sweet friend Erica! She makes the cutest STASH JARS! Not sure what they are, well, she repurposes stuffed animals and characters into secret jars!!!!! You can put anything you want in them!!!! Kids can put money they are saving, moms and dads can keep candy all to themselves!!! Haha, keep items out of site while showing off your cute stuffed animal and better yet.....she even has ones for the holidays too!!!! Be sure to give Erica's SHOP a look and get a great and unique gift!!! Hurry! She's selling fast! Here's her link to her shop!

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