Paint Poured Coasters Coast #6

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Includes shipping!!!! 4 Gorgeous marble style tile coasters created using a special painting technique. Enjoy swirls of beautiful colors mixed together to give you that marble look on your coaster tiles. Each set takes about two weeks to totally cure with the acrylic paint and the resin topcoat. There are a multitude of color mixtures that I have used and if you do not see a color mixture in any of these products please request a custom order and I will be more than happy to accommodate you. I remember each piece is different than any other piece as the paint or swirled and then poured onto each tile individually and you never know how it’s going to come out and that’s the part that makes these coasters mystical. Have fun with them when you’re not using them by laying them out as pieces of artwork or put them in a coaster container to keep them together and you can even leave them in the photo together as a beautiful present to a new homeowner or just to cheer someone up. On the back of each coaster is a nice piece of felt that will protect your furniture and coasters should you stack them. Even though your coasters are heat and cold resistant it is suggested that you try it out first to ensure there are no rings left on your coasters. If by any chance they seem a little tacky, take some furniture polish, just a little, on a damp cloth and rub it over your coasters and that should help prevent any sticky or tackyness. Do not submerge your coasters in water or any liquid. Not dishwasher or microwave safe as they are handmade. It is suggested that you wipe them down with a damp cloth . Your coasters will arrive in a nice box with tissue paper and other paper that will protect them along their way out to you. These items make the perfect gift for a new homeowner a new bride and groom or any other occasions even if it’s just to brighten someone’s day. You can also see some of a matching color trivet or a matching color clock in the clocks are 6 inches in diameter across .If you do not see the link to the matching products please check on my page or simply email me so I can list it for you if it’s not there yet

*****Clock shown in photos NOT included. To purchase please click link to clock and add to purchase. 

Measurement: approx 4x4” and 1/4” thick
Material: acrylic tile
Paint: acrylic
Topcoat: resin