Awesome Garden Beaded Bugs!!!!

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Beaded bugs are a great way to accessorize your gardens or favorite plants. The bugs were created through a tedious process and it takes at least a day for the wings themselves to give it that iridescent beautiful sparkle to bring life to each bob. They are all made from different types of beads In crystals using beautiful colors that match and complement each other and ones that will sparkle in your garden. The wire is all hand wrapped in each bag is made individually by hand and the legs are made in a unique process as well as the wings. The wings in the legs and the entire body is all hand shaped by myself so no one is exactly the same giving your bug that unique look. Before shipping they are all treated with a special spray and or carefully individually wrapped. The bug is a tiny bit flexible so you can move the bug on the spiral wire back-and-forth a little to adjust where you want it and if the wings move a little bit you can simply bend my little bit or just move them back in place but please do very gently.  Each bug will come with an spiral wire that is attached to your bug and a separate garden stick. 
To use:

 🌸: Flower pot: place the bug in your flower pot using the attached spiral wire or push the wire to the side and gently bend legs as needed and hang on the side of the flower pot.  If the spiral wire is in the way and you do not need it you can carefully carefully snip the wire off near the body with a pair of snips.

🌸: To sit on a counter:  slide the spiral wire to the side and set your bug on a flat surface on its legs. The spiral piece will be a decorative piece or you can gently snip off the spiral wire close to the body. 

🌸: Using in your garden: take the stick labeled garden stick, it’s a metal sturdy wire with a straw attached to the side to hold your bug.  Place sturdy garden stick into ground so straw is exposed. Gently place bug spiral wire into the straw. Your bug will then be free to move around inside but should not fall out. Your bug will look so cute gently moving in the straw with the wind.